Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gospel Reflection

September 04, 2013
Wednesday – Year of Faith – Ordinary Time
by Rev. Fr. Benjamin “Benjo” Fajota - Vice Rector, Mary, Queen of Peace Shrine (Our Lady of Peace Quasi Parish/EDSA Shrine)
12:15PM Mass at EDSA Shrine

Reading 1 Col 1:1-8

Paul, an Apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother,  to the holy ones and faithful brothers and sisters in Christ in Colossae: grace to you and peace from God our Father.

We always give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, for we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and the love that you have for all the holy ones because of the hope reserved for you in heaven. Of this you have already heard  through the word of truth, the Gospel, that has come to you. Just as in the whole world it is bearing fruit and growing, so also among you,  from the day you heard it and came to know the grace of God in truth, as you learned it from Epaphras our beloved fellow slave, who is a trustworthy minister of Christ on your behalf and who also told us of your love in the Spirit.

Responsorial Psalm PS 52:10, 11

R. (10) I trust in the mercy of God for ever.
I, like a green olive tree
in the house of God,
Trust in the mercy of God
forever and ever.
R. I trust in the mercy of God for ever.
I will thank you always for what you have done,
and proclaim the goodness of your name
before your faithful ones.
R. I trust in the mercy of God for ever.

Gospel Lk 4:38-44

After Jesus left the synagogue, he entered the house of Simon. Simon’s mother-in-law was afflicted with a severe fever, and they interceded with him about her. He stood over her, rebuked the fever, and it left her. She got up immediately and waited on them.

At sunset, all who had people sick with various diseases brought them to him. He laid his hands on each of them and cured them. And demons also came out from many, shouting, “You are the Son of God.” But he rebuked them and did not allow them to speak because they knew that he was the Christ.

At daybreak, Jesus left and went to a deserted place. The crowds went looking for him, and when they came to him, they tried to prevent him from leaving them. But he said to them, “To the other towns also I must proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God, because for this purpose I have been sent.” And he was preaching in the synagogues of Judea.


In our Gospel, we see an ordinary day in the life of Jesus Christ - preaching, teaching and healing. And it teaches us three important things.

First, when the mother-in-law of Simon was cured of her severe fever, she got up immediately and waited on them. Kapag tayo ay binigyan ng Diyos ng biyaya o pagpapala, ito ay dapat ginagamit sa paglilingkod para sa ating komunidad, para sa ating kapwa. The blessings we receive are not for us alone. Simon's mother-in-law was cured. She was healed and she used this strength, this new energy, this new life, in order to serve other people.

Second, Jesus was so busy, and we know that His energy must have been sapped from all the healings and preachings that He did. But He rested, and His rest came from His constant communication with His Heavenly Father. In order to rest, He goes to a certain place and prays. Tayo, sa maraming pagkakataon, lagi tayong may excuse. Pag pagod na pagod tayo, sobrang busy tayo, sasabihin natin, "Pasensiya na, Lord, pagod na pagod na ako, wala na akong time magdasal. But in the Gospel today, very clearly, Jesus Christ tells us that no matter how busy we are, no matter how tired we are, we must not forget to pray.

Third, Jesus became so popular because of His healings, because of His miracles, because of His teachings. He could have said, "I will just stay here, because I am already popular here." But what did He do? He went out to other towns, to other places, to neighboring countries, because He did not want to fall into the trap of popularity. Kung minsan, gano'n din tayo. Masyado na tayong kampante sa isang lugar, dahil tinanggap na tayo ng tao, dahil tayo ay nagbigay na ng ating paglilingkod doon, kaya ayaw na nating lumipat sa ibang lugar. Sometimes we fall into the trap of feeling so popular and too comfortable. God is telling us that we must use our energy and our talents in order to share and propagate God's Kingdom, no matter where we are assigned. The Word of God will free us from all the maladies and the evil spirits that come to us. We must proclaim the Kingdom of God with love and joy. Amen.